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Take the Leap of Faith

Brave, courageous, bold. These are a few words that are running through my head tonight as I think back on the fun of today. My family and I enjoyed a day at Big Splash Adventure water park in French Lick, IN. This place had a ton of exciting things to do. A big play area for the kids, a toddler pool and slide, a lazy river, water obstacles, basketball goals, and giant water slides. The kids had a blast roaming every inch of this place. 

But I come back to brave, courageous, bold. I share these words because I saw my three-year-old demonstrate these characteristics today. In the play area there were two water slides. Both were tunnel slides, and both were decent size slides, especially for a three-year-old. However, she wanted to go down those slides. The only problem is she wanted us to go down with her. This was a problem as the park did not want more than one person to go at a time. So, after walking away from the slide a few times, she finally went. By herself! She was brave, courageous, and bold to face her fear head on. 

Only three years old but teaching me, her dad, important life lessons. She didn’t know what to expect with that water slide. She didn’t know how dark it would be inside, how long it would take to get to the bottom, how many turns it had, or how the ending would be. But she took a leap of faith, and she went. 

Adoption and the process of adoption is in a lot of ways the exact same. When you begin the process of adoption, you don’t really know what to expect. You don’t know how long the process might be. You don’t know how many twist and turns you may face. You don’t know what the end results will always be. You plan for a child, but there are so many different variables and situations that can occur that you really don’t know how things will end up. But, with courage, bravery, boldness, and we will add in faith, we know that things will end up exactly how God desires them to be.

If you are planning on adopting or thinking about adopting. Have courage, be brave, have faith in God’s will and things will work out exactly as they should. This doesn’t mean there won’t be hard, difficult, faith testing days. There will most certainly be. But don’t lose the faith. Don’t lose the courage to fight for the fatherless.

Take the leap of faith and watch God work!

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