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The Lord's work at any stage of life.

Just because you can’t adopt a child, or don’t have the funds to donate doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you in the Lord’s kingdom work. All individuals in the body of Christ can work in one way or another. It might not look exactly like you thought, but you will most certainly find a great reward for your service and support of caring for the fatherless.

How to Help Sacred Selections
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Financial Support

92% of donors make an annual donation of between $100-$200. In the last 5 years this represents over 5000 donors. We all have an opportunity to care for the fatherless and to help families adopt. Please set aside and commit to just $10 a month it all adds up to another place at the table for a child.

Host a Fundraiser

Fundraising events are the foundation and backbone of our mission. Since 2008 Christians from 29 states have hosted over 250 fundraising events. These events come in all shapes & sizes but each one has been a success not only financially but in fellowship and effectiveness. Sacred Selections has many people and resources to help you learn more and get started.

Promote Adoption

Encourage couples to choose adoption

Families adopt because they are unable to have biological children, want to grow their family through adoption, or out of desire to provide a home for a fatherless child.

If you know a family that fits any of these examples, please consider encouraging them to think about sacred selections and using their home and family to help a fatherless child.

Host an Adopting Family

Meet Tom & Susan leach our “flagship” hosting family

Tom and Susan have hosted over 50 Sacred Selections families. They have demonstrated such a commendable example of hospitality to “strangers” on an emotional journey. Tom & Susan will also tell you it has been one of the most joyful, rewarding experiences in their lives.

Host an Adoption Workshop

Meet Tom & Judy Stockton

Over the past few years Tom and Judy have opened their home each year when the SS founders are in town for a fundraising event. Tom and Judy use this occasion to invite friends, brothers and sisters in Christ who are interested in learning more about Sacred Selections and the adoption process.

Guess what? Tom and Judy are nearly “batting a thousand”. They have hosted over a dozen families and since then every family except one that has attended have adopted. You can be a part of this work too!

Encourage Mothers to Choose Life

You may hear about someone struggling with a life changing or life ending decision. What to do about an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy? The message of adoption is simple: “if you can choose life, we can help give that life a home.” Adoption really does shine a light in a dark place or circumstances. We have seen hundreds of amazing examples. If we say no to abortion, we must consider and offer solutions. Adoption is an option! Help someone struggling with such an emotional decision. Overcome your fears – have that conversation and encourage them to call.

Legacy Planning

Estate, Will, or donor advised funding

There is a time for everything under the sun. A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones. A time to gain and a time to lose. A time to keep and a time to throw away. There is a time in life to consider and reflect. A time when there is more behind us than there is before us. What do we want, what should we want to leave behind and how? How can we create a legacy that reflects our values and our gratitude for God’s will, His guidance, His blessings, and His work? Providing financial means for another child who is fatherless to follow in your footsteps, to have the opportunity to know God and His care is a wonderful way to show Him your thankfulness.

Evangelize the Work

James 1:27 is Not just a command, it's a definition!

If something is a defining attribute or characteristic and it is missing, then the thing defined does not exist. Pure religion which is acceptable to God is defined by caring for the fatherless – if individually (and by extension collectively) we are not involved we cannot claim to have pure religion. Israel was condemned and judged for lacking in this practice James simply reminds us we will be too. We should remind ourselves and others of this sobering fact. “Let us provoke one another to love and good works.”

Ready to support adoption?

Get Started

Be a part of an incredible group of adoption advocates.

Everyone involved with the work that is done through Sacred Selections is passionate about caring for the fatherless. When you support the work, you are joining with an incredible group of selfless individuals who all share this same mind.