About Sacred Selections

Our Mission and Core

Sacred Selections was founded on two core principles: First, that God has always commanded and expected His people to care for the fatherless. Second, that the implementation of this work must be done with the highest levels of Biblical stewardship and integrity.

Sacred Selections’ mission is to promote adoption and remove the financial barrier to adoption for Christian families.

At its core, Sacred Selections is a financial institution that provides grants to families with a heart for adoption.

  • A Sacred Selections grant covers governmental, court, attorney, and agencies fees.
  • Funds are never given directly to adopting families.
  • Sacred Selections provides a number of ways for those that support these efforts to give of their time and resources.

The founders and board, likewise, hold firm to the Biblical belief that the “work” of caring for the fatherless is individual and local. Over the past many years, we have observed first hand that the work we all do individually becomes a powerful light shining in the world and reflects the nature of God and His people collectively.

100% of individual’s donation and net proceeds from fundraising goes directly to the cost of adoption.

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Got Questions?

Learn More About Adoption

Certainly you’re not the first person with questions about adoption. Visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page where we hope to provide answers.

Charitable Status

Sacred Selections, Inc. is incorporated in California as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN 20-0244936.

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