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Events by Local Sacred Selections Organizers

Upcoming Events

If you are searching for a way to support Sacred Selections, events is a great option. Local organizers for Sacred Selections hold events throughout the year to help raise funds for adoptions. Here are our upcoming events.

Interested in hosting your own event? Let us know!

South Texas Event

September 3, 2022

Atlanta Fundraiser Gala

September 17, 2022

Sacred Selections Green Country Oklahoma

September 24, 2022

15th Annual Sacred Selections Memphis Fundraiser

October 1, 2022

Sacred Selections Arkansas Event

October 8, 2022

Houston Gala • Dinner & Auction

October 8, 2022

Birmingham Dinner + Auction

November 4, 2022

North Dallas Dinner & Auction Benefit

November 5, 2022

Bowling Green Benefit

November 5, 2022

Lindale, Texas Event

December 3, 2022

West Texas Event

December 3, 202210