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Celebrating 15 years and almost 400 children!

Our Mission

Sacred Selections mission is to financially assist Christian couples whose hearts and homes are open to loving and raising a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The dream of parenting does not have to be constrained by limited financial resources. The foundation, its board and many generous donors are committed to using the blessings we’ve received to assist in the wonderful effort in creating a Christian home and family.

Nearly 400 Children and Counting

Since 2006, the adoption expenses for nearly 400 children have been either fully or partially funded by Sacred Selections.

Sacred Selections has helped to fund both domestic and international adoptions from 9 different countries, for couples living in 27 different states.

Meet Our Families

but wait there's more

But Wait… There’s More

Josh and Emily were the first. They were our beta-test, the guinea pigs, the lab rats in our hair-brained idea to inspire individual, conservative Christians to work together across the country to provide the funding necessary to adopt a child. The experiment was more than “can we raise money?”. It was “can we raise families if the financial barrier was removed?”. Our first test case worked! It worked because of Josh and Emily’s character, faith, and courage. They made our…

This is Harper

On a bright sunny day in Bowling Green Kentucky, Bryan and Kerri brought Harper to the Country Courthouse. The honorable David Lamphear was the Family Court Justice presiding that morning. Judge Lamphear is a member and elder at the West End church of Christ in Bowling Green. Harper was there to celebrate her “Judgement Day”. The judge had reviewed a number of official documents connected to the journey Harper and her new parents had taken over the previous several months.…
song before the sermon

Eve’s Story – Answering the Call

Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Epilogue EPISODE ONE The Song Before the Sermon It was the “song before the sermon” and just before the congregation was asked to stand, Dana’s phone started vibrating against her hip. She looked down and flipped it over to see the screen saying, LISA. I heard the phone too and looked over as she discreetly showed me the phone. I also saw the look on her face that meant, “I need to take this…

Answering a First Responder Call

I’m sitting here tonight reflecting on the journey that Alexander and I have been on to become parents. When you get married; and decide you want children, you don’t generally think it’s going to take long. I thought it might be difficult because of my PCOS, but not impossible. When it didn’t happen month after month of taking tests, knowing I was the reason we couldn’t get pregnant, I started feeling defeated. I felt like a failure. The one main…

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Friends of Sacred Selections

1213 Online

When a family determines to open their home and hearts to a child through adoption, the costs can be staggering. Depending on what route is chosen, the expense can range from $2,500–$40,000. These fees include legal costs, travel expenses, agency charges, and immigration and court costs. Adopting an orphaned child is an act of extreme love and sacrifice. Often, families are prevented from adopting because it simply can’t be afforded. Even the moderate expense of adoption through a foster agency can keep a child from the love of a Christian home. Working in conjunction with Sacred Selections, 1213 strives to help these families in their service to God and desire to fulfill James 1:27.

One Stone Biblical Resources

At One Stone, we are inspired by Sacred Selection’s mission and the work of individual Christians seeking to fulfill the Lord’s plan. To support this cause, One Stone donates 2% of sales to Sacred Selections. Also, at checkout, we also offer the ability for individuals to donate additional funds directly to Sacred Selections. (All of your donation goes directly toward the adoption, not administrative expenses, and Sacred Selections only accepts donations from individuals, not churches.)

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