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Future 500

Future 500

As a non-profit charitable foundation, Sacred Selection relies on contributions to support adoptions into Christian homes. Based on the results of the past 16 years, SS believes it is necessary to take steps to ensure its survival and continued growth.

The campaign’s goal is to recruit and retain 500 individuals who are supportive of Sacred Selection’s mission and understand the Biblical basis for helping the fatherless. Future 500 is an avenue for individuals to contribute to the future of Sacred Selections with a donation of $1000 annually or $83.50/month (recurring).

Since 2006, Sacred Selections has been providing grants to married couples and families that have a heart for adoption and fulfilling God’s plan or us to care for others in need. Your on-going support is critical to the future of Sacred Selections and our ability to fund adoptions.

Funding Breakdown

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To future sustainability

Future 500 Newsletter

As a Future 500 member, you will receive an exclusive monthly newsletter with updates about SS families, adoptions news, and current events.

Future 500 Newsletter

Every child is sacred.

Sacred Selections’ mission is to financially assist Christian couples whose hearts and homes are open to loving and raising a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The foundation, its board and many generous donors are committed to using the blessings we’ve received to assist in the wonderful effort in creating a Christian home and family.

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The Bowen Family

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The Sullivan Family

Adoption is evangelism.

Stewards for the Lord's work

How does Sacred Selections use funds?

We take accountability seriously. That’s why we take great care to make sure that our financial and business decisions are not only in line with what the law requires, but that they are in line with what God desires.