Provide a home for the fatherless.

What if I told you that evangelism doesn't only include directly spreading the gospel? With over 60 of the Sacred Selections children baptized, it may be one of the best way of evangelizing today.

Why adoption?

We Need More Grant Approved Families

In 2018 we funded 57 adoptions, which is fantastic, but we received over 700 calls about children that needed a home.

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Learn More About Adoption

Sacred Selections is not an adoption agency, but we have learned many lessons over the years working with agencies and adopting couples and have many adoption stories.

Adoption is everyone's story.

People adopt for many different reasons. For Mike and Chelsea, it took time to realize that we are all broken in some way and worthy of nothing good. But God has adopted us despite all this. Can we then do the same for a child in need?

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Charitable Status

Sacred Selections, Inc. is incorporated in California as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN 20-0244936.

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