Lessons From Adoption

Stories about things we've learned and people we've met through adoption.

Standing On Your Shadow

The fact is our children (always) watch us. Even when we think they aren’t, they are. So, what kind of example are we leaving for our children?

Psalm 23

Read David Carrozza’s account of the hardships and joys already experienced in 2023.

Jonas Family

Wanna Get Away

The Jonas’s drug suitcases and an empty carseat to the Southwest check in. Little did they know it was for a flight they would never take.

Hecht Family

Corporate Sponsors: Craig & Anna

Craig and Anna are great examples of “here am I send me” people. Servant leads, “roll up your sleeves” and get stuff done.

kids behind the cards sanderson family portrait

The Sanderson Family Elves: Holiday Cards

There are some amazing elves young and old happily sitting by warm winter fires and laboring with love to get NINE THOUSAND SEASONS GREETINGS CARDS out to you.

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