Lessons From Adoption

Stories about things we've learned and people we've met through adoption.

How Long Does It Take To…?

When families pursue adoption, there are many questions about the process. One that comes up most frequently is about the timing of each step in the process.

Introducing The Team

Learn about the individuals working behind the scenes to support the mission of Sacred Selections and the families that step forward in faith toward adoption.

True Hope

Follow Steven and Audrey’s inspiring journey to parenthood through adoption and discover the power of “true hope” in expanding their family.

He Seeks Godly Offspring

Discover the biblical importance of godly offspring, marriage, and adoption. Support Sacred Selections’ mission.

the woman and alabaster oil

She Has Done What She Could

While there are already many good stories and examples, we want to highlight them with new stories and examples under the biblical example of “She has done what she could.”

check engine light

Check Engine Light

Sometimes “caring for the fatherless” simply means taking a call and explaining how to deal with a “check engine light.”

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