Choosing the Name: Sacred Selections

You may know the old hymnal, but how and why did Sacred Selections come to also use the name?

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The vision was firmly in place: a non-profit organization to help cover adoption expenses for families who are part of the Lord’s church.

A group of couples formed the first Board of Directors and began making decisions:

  • How would it be funded? By individual donations. 
  • How would grants be paid out? Directly to agencies or attorneys, never to the families.
  • What about overhead? It hardly existed at the time and would be funded separately so that all donations could go directly to adoption expenses.

But then….what to call the organization?

This question was proposed as the leading question for an upcoming meeting of the Board. As the meeting started and the topic was introduced, Board Member Lisa Raposa proposed a name that is both nostalgic and fitting: Sacred Selections.

The  maroon hymnal of the same name was first compiled and published by Ellis J. Crum of Indiana in the 1950s. It was used widely in churches of Christ for decades and is still used in several local congregations across the United States!

The name of the hymnal has always carried the idea of songs and hymns that have been carefully chosen and set apart for worship. When setting out to financially help families who are pursuing adoption, these same principles could and should be applied:

  • Families carefully chosen to receive a grant based on an application with references, financial documentation, and a completed home study;
  • Funds set apart by individuals for the specific task of supporting families, mothers, and children;
  • Each expectant mother making a careful choice for the family she will ask to parent her child;
  • A seat at the table being intentionally set for a child who will be raised in a Christian home and taught the love of the Lord.

The room full of Board Members agreed. It’s a perfect fit.

After contacting the Crum family and receiving their permission and blessing, the name was made official and has been the banner under which so many children and families have come together through adoption. It was not until later that the idea of matching the songs in the hymnal with each child was born…. more on that in a future article!

These principles – mindfully reviewing choices and intentionally setting apart resources by donors, families, and the organization –  each remain the foundation of Sacred Selections. As we approach the milestone of 500 children placed in Christian homes, we are thankful for all God has done. He has given the increase over the years and we are prayerful – and ask you to join us in that prayer – that He will continue to give more increase. 

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491 Children & Counting

Since 2007, the adoption expenses for 491 children have been either fully or partially funded by Sacred Selections. Sacred Selections has helped to fund both domestic and international adoptions from 9 different countries, for couples living in 29 different states.

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