Corporate Sponsors: Bosun Solutions

We are honored to introduce Nicole and Bosun Solutions to you as one of our Sacred Selections Corporate Sponsors.

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We last featured Craig and Anna Hecht of Hecht Real Estate Group and mentioned that our relationships with all our corporate sponsors aren’t just business, they are personal. As we introduce Nicole Grinnell and Bosun Solutions, we must add a third category to business and personal: in this case it’s also family!

Nicole is our first child and was born to lead! I don’t think that I’ve personally known a more naturally gifted servant leader. Although her brother will take me to task on the “servant” part. He still claims that at the early age of three, he was her first “employee”. Oh, the stories we could tell!

Dana and I could not be more pleased, proud, and joyful not only that Nicole is our daughter, but a wonderful person, good friend, and a fellow worker with us in the kingdom.

We are honored to introduce Nicole and Bosun Solutions to you as one of our Sacred Selections Corporate Sponsors.

– David Carrozza

Hi everyone!

I’m Nicole Grinnell, founder of Bosun Solutions. My husband, Nick, and our two children Peyton & Hailey live in the North Atlanta area. 

Bosun was founded in 2017, initially serving as virtual assistant company providing solutions to small businesses. Since then, we have grown to a complete staffing solution for businesses small and large. We provide fractional support as needed, as well as recruiting and direct hire solutions – if you need people, we have the solution! 

Our work with Sacred Selections has grown dramatically since 2017. Initially Bosun was a corporate sponsor of Sacred Selections, providing strategic financial support for the foundation’s operating budget, so that the general donation funds can be used exclusively for adoption. As time went by and Sacred Selections needed additional administrative support, Bosun became a contracted staffing support for them. Currently Bosun supplies the foundation’s team with administrative, bookkeeping, social media, marketing, and operational roles.

In 2021 I decided to invest further in the Kingdom work Sacred Selections was doing. God had blessed us so generously I felt compelled to find ways we could financially support Sacred Selections further.

During the Sacred Selections 15-year reunion in June, we were able to speak to many individuals interested in how they could either use, or work with Bosun. It was there the vision became clear to myself and my Team. We had a network of Christians that either thru their own businesses or their employer’s they could use Bosun Staffing and THIS would be our way to further support the work of Sacred Selections.

If you know a Carrozza, we work fast, by the end of that summer we had launched Bosun Gives. Allowing any Sacred Selections affiliate, family, or referral using Bosun to give 5% of revenue, for the lifetime of that client, to the foundation. The opportunities felt limitless, and we quickly stuffed up to prepare. We are finishing out 2021 already having 5 Bosun Gives clients and that number is growing daily! 

Not only do I believe whole heartedly that Christians should be working with, investing with, and being a resource to other Christians, but I believe EVERY Christian, when blessed by God, MUST find a way to give back to God and pay the blessings forward.

I would encourage business owners to evaluate what stage of business they are in. When you reach the point in your business that the blessings are overflowing, giving must be a part of your business plan. A favorite family verse we have is:

Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.

1 Timothy 6:18

This command does not exclude your professional life and abilities. Sacred Selections provides a simple, effective, and organized way to fulfill James 1:27 furthering work in the Kingdom. 

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