Allan Turner

Allan Turner, 1944 – 2019

Allan was born in Tampa, FL, on June 16, 1944 to Thomas and Letha Turner. In 1962 he graduated from King High School and a few months later he joined the Air Force where he served for 3 ½ years as an Air Policeman. Upon his honorable discharge in 1966, he began dating and soon married, Anita Reich Turner, on November 25, 1966. From 1966-1981 he served in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff, Detective and self-employed Polygraph Examiner. In 1981, he said he went from saving lives physically to saving lives spiritually, when he began working full-time as an evangelist with the congregation at Wendell Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky, where he remained for 14 years. From there he went on to preach the gospel in Kenya, where he and Anita lived for 4 ½ years. In 2005, he retired from preaching and began writing books focused on what he called, “developing a Biblical worldview”. All these endeavors, he would say, were only possible because he had Anita by his side, faithfully serving him and her God. Since 2006 he has resided in Roswell, GA, and been a faithful member of the Alpharetta Church where he was able to serve the congregation in a variety of ways.

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