Shirley Maurer

Shirley Maurer was a faithful Christian, and children’s Bible class teacher for many years. She even helped to develop curriculum for the baby and 2 & 3 year old classes for Bellaire Church of Christ which they are still using today. She and her husband Steve celebrated 48 years of marriage in August, and have two children who are faithful Christians and raising Christian families. Seth and wife Meagan live in Trenton, Florida with children Emily, Sean, and Gwendolyn. Crystal and husband Jonathan live in Houston, Texas with son Emmett, and are hoping to adopt another little one soon. Shirley loved spending time with her grandchildren, and could be found randomly bursting out in children’s Bible songs, or reviewing Bible facts with them. She was so excited about the upcoming adopted grandbaby, and told everyone she knew that Jonathan and Crystal were working with Sacred Selections. We are saddened that she will never meet the new grandbaby, but know that her teaching will live on in the grandkids.

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Thousands have supported Sacred Selections over the years as a way to “care for the fatherless” through the process of adoption. These supporters see their donations as an investment in “Kingdom work”, fulfilling James 1:27, individually giving, caring for the fatherless through adoption.

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