Lessons From Adoption

Stories about things we've learned and people we've met through adoption.

Chipmunks for the babies

Chipmunks for the Babies

Really… how many things can actually be “for the babies”? Well, we found a new LOW or maybe a new HIGH Saturday November 5th in Dallas, Texas.

Hey that's my sweatshirt ladies

Hey, that’s my sweatshirt!

After my run we went down to lunch. As I sat down, I saw a lady in MY sweatshirt! I was in disbelief. Had I left my sweatshirt somewhere? Did she get into my room and TAKE IT? Surely not. But this is a very specific sweatshirt.

OnTarget Cleaning

Corporate Sponsor: OnTarget Cleaning Services

I first heard of Sacred Selections at church when a couple adopted a child. Shortly after, someone explained how the Sacred Selections process worked. I knew from that moment, I would find a way to support SS in any way I could.

One Who Owns the Glory

But the sound that kept ringing in their ears and the look that haunted their hearts was the moment when Vlad looked at them inquisitively and said in broken English and heavy Slavic accent, “Why not you adopt me?”

“I Want a Christian Family!”

A deeper reflection makes us think, “Why would they make this request? What hope does it reveal in their thinking for the child in mind?”

water slide leap of faith

Take the Leap of Faith

She didn’t know how dark it would be inside, how long it would take to get to the bottom, how many turns it had, or how the ending would be. But she took a leap of faith, and she went.

just what the doctor ordered - Maverick

Just What the Doctor Ordered

This Sunday morning the great Physician had exactly the right prescription and it came in the form of this handsome young boy, Maverick.

david and aric talking

It’s More Than the Babies

We need to understand that our work in helping place children into Christian homes is just a part of our work. At times, we have heard that all we care about is the babies. This just isn’t the case. In fact, it’s so much more than the babies.

Sacred Selections Families

Let the Children Come to Me

In the middle of this deep and tense topic and circumstance, some people brought children to see Jesus. The disciples appear indignant at the impropriety and inappropriate intrusion of children in this moment. Not so for the Master, however.

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