Ways to Donate

Ways to Donate

Cash Donations

Mail your tax deductible donation to

4144 Shores Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37128


Donating online is an instant and easy way to support Sacred Selections.

Monthly Pledges

Budgeted tax deductible donation is good stewardship.

A mailed monthly check, automatic withdraw from your checking account or automatic payment from a credit card can make your donation easy and fit your monthly budget.

Please contact Sacred Selections at 916-770-0336 to discuss making automatic payments. You will need to fill out the recurring donation form.

Download Recurring Donation Form

Sponsor an Adopting Couple

You may have a very special couple in mind, one meeting the foundations criteria for a grant. Sacred Selections will ensure that your donation is used specifically for their adoption journey. Contact the foundation for more information at 916-770-0336.

Tribute Donations

Love is a powerful motivator. Once they say it launched a thousand ships. There may be someone you know or their memory that moves you with each and every thought.

A donation in recognition of that person’s special meaning to you is a great and powerful way of its expression. It may be for Christ himself.

Other Ways to Donate

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