Summer Vocation: A Gallery of Good Works

In this article, we aim to shine a spotlight on those who embody the spirit of being "people zealous for good work."

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As the sun sets on these warm summer days, we find ourselves brimming with excitement to present to you an upcoming article that captures the essence of this season in a unique light. Titled “Summer Vocation Pictures,” this piece goes beyond the usual “vacation” snapshots. Instead, it delves into a collection of heartwarming images featuring your precious children and families engaged in acts of goodness and service throughout these summer months. As believers, we recognize the significance of vocation, a divine calling to make a positive impact in the world around us.

In this article, we aim to shine a spotlight on those who embody the spirit of being “people zealous for good work.” While we’ve already received a treasure trove of pictures from the inspiring “Coast to Coast Kids” campaign, we eagerly welcomed any additional submissions of “Summer Vocation” activities. Every photograph is a testament to the remarkable ways our community is contributing to the betterment of our world while raising funds for Sacred Selections. Join us in celebrating these moments of purpose, compassion, and service that truly define the essence of our shared journey.

My kids made and sold sand art to members at church to start raising money to bring home a future sibling. Little did they know they’d be using that money less than three weeks later to buy a car seat for their baby brother!

On July 10th there was a wildfire that started within a mile from our home, but we were fortunate that the winds were blowing the other way that day. The fire was devastating for many though. I think they said 100 homes were evacuated in the area, and the residents weren’t able to return for hours, many of these residents are Amish. The boys and I took (their own) chalk, bubbles, coloring pages, and crayons to the community center where there was shelter available for those evacuated. Luckily we were safe, and didn’t have to evacuate. We also brought them food and water. The boys played with the children blowing bubbles, and coloring with them. All they could talk about for a while was how much fun it was to help people affected by the fire.

Because the people we were helping were Amish, to respect their privacy I didn’t take any pictures of the kids playing. But we all wore our “Lord Send Me” shirts.

Beau cutting up bananas to use for his banana bread, which he sold to raise money for SS Kids Coast to Coast.

We went on a trip and one of our stops was Roatan, Honduras. We contacted the school there and asked if we could bring supplies and bibles to the children there. Some friends from our local church donated some of the supplies and we filled backpacks. This is Mallory with some of the backpacks.

These boys worked hard all summer and were able to donate over $800 to Sacred Selections for the Kids Coast to Coast challenge! They were so excited that they can help another family bring home a baby, like so many others did for us with Kenlee.

This cutie raised over $800 this summer!! Maverick is hard at work creating his items for his customers! Here are his printed items available for sale all to raise funds for Sacred Selections!! He is printing snakes and dragons and custom made earrings!

These kids are finishing up a baking fundraiser this week – they’re up to a little over $2000 for SS!

Our 7 year old son held a Pie the Elders fundraiser for the coast to coast fundraiser. His paper says he raised $500 but is now up to $625. He painted signs and manned a table at the event where he made all the whip cream pies for people to throw. He had a blast and was a good lesson for him to give back, especially knowing that SS helped get him his 7 month old baby sis!

These TX kids (some SS babies themselves) have numerous SS friends at church and family members, and all worked together to raise over $3600 for futures kids!!! They all baked homemade goodies and lemonade, and then stood in the TX heat for over 3 hours to sell.

Mowing lawns for Kids Coast to Coast.

Busy baking for a Sacred Selections bake sale at the Farmer’s Market. They even grew the zucchini that was used in the bread.

Helping dad do demo!

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