The First Corporate Sponsor: One Stone Biblical Resources

“Greg and I along with my dad, Andy Alexander, have an idea we’d like to run by you.” Dana was even more intrigued, “Now you’ve really got me interested.”

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In the fall of 2012 about a week before we planned to fly from Sacramento to St. Louis, Dana’s iPhone rang. The caller ID read, “Bowling Green KY”. We knew several people from the BG KY area from the fundraisers hosted in the beautiful Western Kentucky University college town. But the voice on the other end was a new one. 

“Hi, this is April Foster” was the first thing the person with the chipper, enthusiastic voice said. “I don’t think you’ve met me or my husband Greg, but we’re very interested in meeting with you when you’re in St. Louis next week.” Dana welcomed the offer with, “Well, thank you April we’d love to meet you and Greg.” April explained more, “Greg and I along with my dad, Andy Alexander, have an idea we’d like to run by you.” Dana was even more intrigued, “Now you’ve really got me interested.”

Dana and April exchanged a few more details about the trip and made specific arrangements for the time and place to meet while we were in St. Louis. This would be our second trip to Missouri, and we always stayed with our relatively new best friends in town, LA and Charlotte Stauffer. LA was a gospel preacher at the Kirkwood church of Christ and Charlotte is one of the key St. Louis event hosts. 

And so… Andy, April and Greg drove from BG KY to STL MO and we met for the first time on a Saturday fall afternoon and began what has turned out to be one of the most beloved, valuable and fruitful friendships we have ever had in life and in this mission of caring for the fatherless through adoption. 

One Stone and their generous offer to give 2% of all sales to Sacred Selections was the very first “Corporate Sponsor” and One Stone became the cornerstone of a very important strategic plan for the future. 

We are proud and pleased to introduce Andy, April and Greg and the One Stone Biblical Resources as our first Corporate Sponsor.

Andy and Joy Alexander:

I’m originally from West Columbia, TX and worked in home construction and ran a retail lumber and hardware store. I began full-time preaching in 1988 moving to Shelbyville, TN. From here I moved to Shepherdsville, KY in 1993 to work with the Hebron Lane congregation. After this, I relocated to Bowling Green KY in 2003 to manage the Truth Bookstore. My daughter, son-in-law, Joy and I purchased the store in 2010 and changed the name to One Stone Biblical Resources. Steve Curtis from Athens, AL came on board in 2011 to help manage the store.

I have preached on a regular basis while working at the bookstore. We feel truly blessed from the support we’ve received from our brethren. While traveling among brethren I hear many good things about Sacred Selections.

the foster family

April and Greg Foster:

We reside on a farm in Bowling Green, Kentucky with our six children: Claire (12), Cal & Sam (10), Kit (8), Nell (2), and Gwen (5 months). 

While we went through treatments to become pregnant with our oldest daughter, it sparked many conversations about adoption. We first met with David and Dana to discuss how One Stone could work together with Sacred Selections to benefit more Christians who were ready and capable of welcoming children into their homes.

Greg and I are businesspeople, and we know the mission of Sacred Selections, even as a tightly, run non-profit would require substantial administrative costs over time. Greg suggested using a portion of revenue from One Stone so that the pure message of 100% of funds going to adoptions could be maintained. This is when in 2012 we first reached out to Dana and David to pitch our idea. 

Over a decade later, we are beyond grateful to have seen so many Christian couples blessed with children as well as their own family!

About One Stone Biblical Resources

One Stone publishes and sells biblical materials.

We strive to give superior service and good biblical suggestions when customers ask for suggestions, advice, and recommendations. 

Four of the five members of our staff have been with us since the very beginning which lends stability and knowledge to the religious book store business. 

Our business has grown through the years and our support of Sacred Selections has grown with it. We donate 2% of our gross sales to Sacred Selections and the dollar amount has increased each year. Sacred Selections is a great work, and we are honored and blessed to be a part of it.

A note from Sacred Selections: Not only does One Stone provide a strategic and generous source of funding for our sustainability, they also serve as our “on-line” resource for many of our SWAG (T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, mugs etc.) items and allow donors and supporters to purchase and receive many of the foundation’s “products”. One Stone is very much a partner and fellow worker in this mission. 

I encourage any other business owner to find a way to support Sacred Selections. First, it’s great work that benefits children and the parents who adopt them. Second, it needs to continue in conservative hands after the eventual retirement of David and Dana and lastly this support is needed as those who follow David and Dana will need to be financially supported.

The foundation which started with the vision of one woman has grown by the providence of God, the prayers of many and the generosity of thousands into a much larger and more complex organization.

One Stone Biblical Resources
979 Lovers Lane
Bowling Green, KY 42103
Telephone: 800-428-0121

Visit One Stone

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