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John Buys Lunch

Meet John. He really shined a light in our world.

John is a very good-hearted young man of sixteen years and already demonstrating a how big his heart will be.

John holding a receipt of a group lunch that he paid for

We first met John Saturday night at the Texas Hill Country Sacred Selections fundraiser. John along with his parents, Karen and Danny attended along with over 300 other generous folks. John was apparently deeply moved by the stories he heard about fatherless children, the messages from scripture how God expects His people to care for the fatherless and by the tremendous outpouring of generosity he witnessed in that enough was raised to fund more than six adoptions.

Sunday morning, following the event we worshipped at the Northwest church of Christ in Austin where Danny preaches. We wanted to take Danny, Karen, and their family out for lunch after services to say thank you for their part in the fundraiser, Danny was the emcee and just to get to know them better.

We fully intended to “pick-up-the-tab” for lunch. I had already given my credit card to the waiter, which he took and when he returned several minutes later, he handed me back the card but gave the receipt to John. I gave the waiter a questioning look which he returned with a “chagrined” smile and raised eyebrows. I turned glancing at Danny, his dad who politely smiled back. Karen, mom spoke up, “John didn’t want you to know, but as a mom, I’ve just got to tell you, he wanted to buy your lunch. It’s his way of saying thanks for what you do and to help support the mission.”

Danny chimed in as any good and pleasantly surprised dad is “want to do”, “This is really a first for him.” So much so that John didn’t know where to sign on the receipt.

The same mother that trained his heart showed him where to sign.

“…And when he is old, he will not depart from them”  Proverbs 22:6

We can’t say enough how much this dear John lit up our day.

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  1. Sam and Sherry Johnson

    Thanks for sharing that story! So inspiring to know that such a young man “gets it”! Good job mom and dad!

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