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Hey, that’s my sweatshirt!

thats my sweatshirt

Need a good laugh?

We were driving home in the pouring rain, which was fitting for the day we just finished. Neither Dana or I felt like talking, we were exhausted for one and for seconds, you know the old phrase, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

And then in the middle of the rainy, gloomy silence, Dana’s phone “pinged” signaling a text message. She pulled the phone out of her coat pocket, placed her reading glasses on the edge of her nose and began a squinting stare at the text.

Thirty seconds later, Dana let out a belly laugh and howled, “Oh, you’ve got to hear this, it’s hysterical!”

In the moment I really didn’t feel like a laugh, but she was right. We spent the next 20 minutes, waxing and waning in laughter, chuckles, smiles, and giggles.

It’s simply too good not to share.

thats my sweatshirt group


“Hi Dana, my name is Heather Glass, and I just had to share a story with you. I hope it brings a SMILE to your day.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I attended the Memphis Sacred Selections Event with some friends but didn’t know many people at the function. We still had a good time.

This past week we celebrated our 1-year anniversary and decided to take a cruise. On our very first day we met a very sweet couple who told us they had been married for 50 years. I looked for them several times during the trip but couldn’t seem to find them. Something about them made me want to become friends with them.

One morning, I decided I wanted to wear my new Sacred Selections sweatshirt I got at the Memphis event. It was so comfortable, but I decided to change out of it to go workout. After my run we went down to lunch. As I sat down, I saw a lady in MY sweatshirt!

I was in disbelief. Had I left my sweatshirt somewhere? Did she get into my room and TAKE IT? Surely not. But this is a very specific sweatshirt. I went over and said, “HEY! I have that sweatshirt.” Low and behold, it was the couple we had met the first night, the Jackson’s. They also had been at the Memphis fundraiser just weeks before.

We were instantly friends. Several people around us were very confused until we shared with them what Sacred Selections was and how we loved it. As Mrs. Jackson told a lady nearby tears welled up in her eyes, as she was so moved. Another woman was also moved and happy to hear about it because she had been adopted herself. For many reasons, I love Sacred Selections, but I am thankful it brought us new friends and an opportunity to spread happiness in an unexpected way.”

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