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Corporate Sponsor: OnTarget Cleaning Services

ontarget cleaning company

Corporate Sponsorships, from Christians who own their own business, cover the administrative and operational costs of running the foundation. The generosity and permission granted by these corporate sponsors is one of the reasons we can commit to all other donors and supporters that 100 % of your (individuals) donation goes ONLY to fund Christian adoptions. It’s HUGE!

We would love to introduce you to these stewards of God’s goodness and grace through a series of articles about their business, why they donate through Corporate Sponsorship, and why Sacred Selections.

ontarget cleaning at work

Meet Denton Cable and On-Target

Hello, I’m Denton Cable, my wife is Sarah Cable, and we are expecting our first child in February 2023. We are members at Eastside Church or Christ in Bowling Green Kentucky.

My company, On Target was founded in Bowling Green, KY in 2016.

I started cleaning carpet out of a 2 door Honda Accord. Through hard work and Gods blessings, we have grown to 30 employees running 18 company vehicles in 6 years. We branched into janitorial cleaning, restoration services, and full construction services.

I met my first two employees Skyler Dixon and Neal Fite at FC, who are still with us today. We strive to offer a workplace where Christians can come and work around fellow Christians. I strongly believe our Christian values are what has allowed the company to grow to the level it is today.

Our goal is to continue to rapidly grow and spread God’s word in the marketplace. 

I first heard of Sacred Selections at church when a couple adopted a child. Shortly after, someone explained how the Sacred Selections process worked. I knew from that moment, I would find a way to support SS in any way I could.

This year we have been extremely blessed and for the first time had the financial capability to make large donations.

When I spoke with David on the phone, he told me about the corporate sponsorship and how that money was used to run the foundation so all other donations could go directly to funding adoptions. The way corporate sponsorships are set up is incredible. The Board is made up of corporate sponsors and they determine how these dollars are spent. This adds a level of accountability that makes me, as a donor, confident that none of our donations are wasted.

The work David and the team do is truly inspiring and gives these adopted kids amazing godly homes to grow up in. 

I believe any successful business owner has an obligation to give back as they have been blessed. SS is a place where you can be confident your hard-earned money is saving souls and doing Kingdom work. It’s also amazing to see your donations at work when you hear and get to meet these adopted children.

Knowing my business can help be a part of that process brings me great joy. 

If you live in the Bowling Green area, we hope you will check out ONTARGET when you need cleaning services. 

Interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor? We’d love to tell you more. Please contact us at

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