Clay Thomas Chapman

Clay Thomas Chapman was born on Tuesday, February 3, 2009, in Dallas, Texas. He passed away to be with our Lord on Friday, February 7, 2020 in McKinney, Texas. Clay was 11 years, 5 days old.

Clay attended Lovejoy Elementary School from kindergarten through 4th grade. Clay was a 5th grade student at Sloan Creek Intermediate School of the Lovejoy Independent School District.

Clay is survived by his father, Justin Matthew Chapman; his mother, Ann Marie Chapman; his sister, Sydney Ann Chapman; and his brother, Cole Matthew Chapman.

From the Family: Clay was an energetic, caring, happy, smart and loving son, brother and friend.
Clay loved his family. Clay loved spending time with his Dad, whether with his Dad coaching him in sports, taking him on a trip, or doing something around town or the house. At bedtime, as a little boy, Clay loved to “tell stories” with his Dad, whether real stories of things that they experienced together or just made-up funny stories. Clay especially loved the trip with just his Dad to New York City for this 10th birthday, and he was very excited about attending last Monday’s Dallas Maverick’s basketball game for his 11th birthday with just his Dad.

Clay loved his big sister Sydney… also known as “ney” or “sa-shoos”. He mostly loved the hugs, kisses and attention that Sydney gave him. Clay also loved his big brotherCole. From the time that he was born, when 2 year old Cole said “how long until he’s big enough to play with me?”, Cole and Clay were best friends. Clay loved hanging out with Cole, watching cartoons and nature shows, playing video games, swimming in the pool, and jumping on the trampoline. Cole… or sometimes called “Po”, always treated his little brother with love, and accommodated most all of his requests for spending time together.

Clay loved his grandparents. He loved being with his Meme and Popa, playing with their dog “Maggie”, or letting Popa unhook and release any fish they caught while Clay was hiding behind him for protection. Clay loved Sunday lunches and afternoons withNana at her house watching sports and playing video games.Clay loved his friends at school and his teachers. Although he always said P.E. was his favorite subject, Clay excelled in math and social studies. Justin and Ann would consistently get messages from his teachers on his kindness, caring nature, great attitude, warm smile and his dimples… the last compliment earning him the nickname“Dimples Jr.” (his older brother Cole earned the original “Dimples” nickname).Clay loved sports. His first sports love was soccer… the first sport that he played.Being a smaller kid for his age, he loved knowing that one of the best soccer players in the world is only 5’7” tall. He loved playing for the Leopards, Bears and most recently,FC Allen. For several years, Clay loved playing baseball. He was on many Leopard steams where he loved playing pitcher, 1st base, and catcher. But, Clay’s last sports love was basketball. After starting out being coached by his Dad with the Leopards andStampede teams, Clay joined the RBA Academy coached by Ricky Allen. Clay loved practicing basketball and playing in tournaments with his teammates, and he loved playing for Ricky. Clay loved that Ricky was a shorter basketball player and could teachClay on how to excel without being tall. Through Clay’s sports, he developed strong friendships with many boys and the Chapman family developed great relationships with many other Lovejoy families.

Clay loved his church family. He enjoyed spending time with his friends from his local congregation and playing with them after normal worship services and at fellowship events. Although Justin and Ann had their doubts at times when reviewing the Bible lesson with him at home, Clay did well in Bible classes and his parents consistently received positive comments from his teachers on his participation and kindness. As a little boy, one of Clay’s favorite spiritual activities was to read from “The Beginner’sBible”, especially the account of David and Goliath.

But most of all, Clay loved his Mama! From the time that he was a baby, Clay would wedge himself in between them when Justin was hugging and kissing on Ann. He would cry as a baby when this happened, or as he got older, he would say “myyyy Mama”. After his first seizure 2 weeks ago, Clay slept in the bed with his Mom just incase he had another one in the middle of the night, as his Dad took his bed. Clay would help Ann warmup after first getting in bed, holding her hand at times as they feel asleep.Even on his last day on earth, Clay told Ann that he needed some “Mom hugs” at breakfast before a few hours of school and then a doctor’s appointment… just a few hours before he passed away.

Just as Clay loved many things on this earth, he was greatly and immensely loved by his family. Although he is no longer with us, we can see the impact that Clay had on so many kids, friends, parents and teachers by the overwhelming response that theChapman family has received. We love our family, our church family and our Lovejoy family.

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