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Chipmunks for the Babies

chipmunks for the babies

Really… how many things can actually be “for the babies”?

Well, we found a new LOW or maybe a new HIGH Saturday November 5th in Dallas, Texas.

Mark Thomas, the multi-talented auctioneer is also a trophy chipmunk hunter and auctioned off one of his prize kills to kick off the 8th Annual Sacred Selections DWF event to a packed house of 300 gathered to help fatherless children.

This prize animal immediately unveiled the energy and enthusiasm in the wonderfully decorated venue. All were stunned by the number of chipmunk hunters present. The auction kicked off at $500 and paddles volleyed back and forth rapidly until the final shot was fired at $3,500. Going, once, twice, third and final call to a proud chipmunk safari hunter at the back of the room.

mark thomas chipmunks

The audience went wild with excitement and Mark threw in a professional hunting tip for no additional charge. “You’ve got to remember when you’re hunting these critters you can’t shoot ‘em in the river. They just float downstream, and you’ll never find them. You gotta’ wait until they row a shore, then you shoot ‘em.”

A roar of laughter filled the air as the hunters were taking notes.

Mark is an auctioneer genius, full of fun, passion and energy and as he reminds us at every turn and every item… “It really is for the babies.”

This year’s DWF Event closed at $192,000 enough to fund all five of the families we were helping.

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