Joe Custer

Joe Custer

Edwin James Custer was born June 30, 1947, in Abilene Texas, to Edwin Welty Custer and Nita Irene Chambers.  No one knew him as Edwin or even James because as a toddler his sisters, Carole and Pam, gave him the nickname Joe-Joe after a toy monkey. At the age of five, Joe moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he lived the remainder of his life, with the exception of 10 years in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In Phoenix, in 1975, he met and married Becky Todd.  Becky helped lead Joe to be converted to Christ during their time in Utah.  Joe and Becky had two children Todd and Jill. 

In 1988, they returned to Phoenix and placed membership at church of Christ, Valley congregation.  Joe was selected as a deacon and served the church nearly 30 years.  When closing the building after services, he was often heard responding “first it gets hot, then it dark,” when members asked if they needed to leave.

Joe was a fighter.  He battled throat cancer, numerous surgeries, blood clots, knee replacement, brain bleeds, broken bones, colon cancer, and many, many bouts of pneumonia.  He beat more health challenges than most.  It was often joked that he had 18 lives.  His final battle came to an end on June 10, 2021.  He will forever be remembered as a warrior.  

Joe is survived by his wife of 45 years, Becky; his son Todd and his children Connor and Cailey; his daughter Jill (Stephen) DuBose and their children Jack, Wyatt and Blake.  He is survived by his sister Carole Bowers.  

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to Sacred Selections.