Basiel Earl Hockett


Basiel Earl Hockett served as a faithful member and deacon at Manchester Church of Christ where he was known as “Pa”. Outside of Church and his family, agriculture was his passion.
Basiel and the love of his life, Lyda, were a complete and amazing team. Together, they dairy farmed for 45 years, and raised 4 children: Lisa, Lori, Libby, and Mitchell. He loved his children and was a committed, nurturing father who had a firm hand. He had an endearing smile, and he enjoyed provoking laughter and smiles from his loved ones with witty comments or in the winter he may resort to torturing by putting cold hands on your face. Basiel was a simple, humble man who was most happy spending time with his family and friends and his shining Christian influence will be greatly missed.

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Thousands have supported Sacred Selections over the years as a way to “care for the fatherless” through the process of adoption. These supporters see their donations as an investment in “Kingdom work”, fulfilling James 1:27, individually giving, caring for the fatherless through adoption.

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