Steve and Melody Dickey

Steve and Melody Dickey

We are Steve and Melody Dickey from Folsom, California. We were married in 1980, and are the proud parents of three grown sons and a daughter : Matt, Keith, Tim and Katie. Our three boys were all born by cesarean section and Melody’s doctor recommended we have no more biological children. We decided at that point if we were to have any additional children we would adopt, so in July 1996 we adopted our daughter Katie at birth.

I (Steve) graduated from college in 1974 and immediately went to work at Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California in 1984. I helped Open Intel’s Folsom campus and have held several technical positions through the years, but I currently work in Intel’s Flash Memory Group managing Automation, Planning and Equipment Engineering.

Melody attended Florida College then returned to California in 1978. She moved to San Jose , California when she and I were married. When our first son was born in 1981, Melody became a happy stay-at-home mom. It was important to us and our plan from the time we were married that she be at home with our children. Melody has volunteered regularly at the kid’s schools, and has been “room mom” regularly from the time our oldest son started kindergarten. She also has helped put together the school yearbook.

We are dedicated Christians and endeavor to put God first in our lives. We are members of the Folsom church of Christ, and we worship regularly each week. It’s our whole hearted belief and we have taught our children that basing our daily living on Godly principles is the foundation of a happy, successful and contented life. I serve as a deacon and treasurer and both Melody and I teach bible classes.

We are excited to be able to share our adoption experience and provide any assistance we can to a Christian couple or family hoping to adopt.

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