FAQ For Adoptive Couples

FAQ For Adoptive Couples

Please take a moment to review some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope this helps to provide the answers to your questions, but should you have additional questions please contact us.

What is Sacred Selections?

Sacred Selections is a non profit 501c3 California corporation with a mission to provide financial means for Christian couples in need of assistance for the fee’s associated with the adoption process. See hour home page for the Sacred Selections mission statement.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. The foundation will send year end letters/statements reflecting your donation. If you have requested a confidential donation the foundation will rely on your instructions on where to send any documents for tax purposes.

What kinds of adoption expenses does the foundation cover?

The typical adoption fee’s to adoption agencies, attorney’s or licensed adoption facilitators are covered. Legally allowed expenses directly to the mother are not covered by the foundation. The cost of the home study is not covered by the foundation (if the agency includes this fee in their “package” it will be deducted from the granted funds).

What are the Sacred Selections grant criteria?

The foundations core mission is to provide the financial means for Christian couples who are members of a conservative, non-institutional, non-instrumental, Church of Christ and need financial assistance with the cost of the adoption process, but who otherwise meet the requirements of their state (completed home study) for adoption.

The specifics of the application process can be found under “How to Apply” on the web site. In general terms the foundation will consider the following items in making a determination to grant funds:

  • Stated income
  • Stated assets
  • Successfully completed home study
  • Reference letters from the required sources
  • Personal letter to the foundation board – your “story”
  • Status of any adoption process (current or past)
  • Availability of sufficient funds in the foundation

Who runs the foundation?

Sacred Selections has six board members. The members of the board serve voluntarily. All of the funds donated to the foundation are used exclusively for the funding of adoptions. The administrative costs and labor are donated / volunteered by members of the board. The board meets every three months to consider the completed applications. The Sacred Selections board welcomes your calls or e-mails with any questions you may have about us, our activities or business practices.

Does a couple need to be a member of a Church of Christ to be considered for a grant from Sacred Selections?

Yes. The foundations official mission statement filed with the California Secretary of State specifies the funding of couples that are members of a local, non-institutional, non-instrumental Church of Christ.

How can I donate to Sacred Selections?

Payments can be made by check, credit card, or PayPal. Donations can be made to the foundation general fund, a tribute or directed donations can also be arranged by contacting a member of the foundation at 916-770-0336.