God has blessed Sacred Selections in our 10th year with the adoptions of 200 children! 200 children adopted from birth to 17-years-old. 200 children adopted from 8 countries around the world and the United States. 200 children now living in loving Christian homes in 25 states in the US and one Canadian province. 200 children now will know GOD and His Love for them. These are the faces of the 200 children that you have helped through your generous…

Sacred Selections 10 Year Reunion

Sacred Selections had a 10 year reunion over the Memorial Day weekend. This beautiful video depicts the power of God and those who had the faith & courage to brave the rocky waters of adoption and those who donated their time and money to help finance those adoptions! It’s ALL GOD! A special thank you to Craig Dehut for making this beautiful video. Check out his website,


Sacred selections has been Blessed by GOD in helping 100 children land softly in Christian homes! Our most sincere Gratitude to those who were a part of these Dreams & Prayers come true! To celebrate this occasion, we have printed special t-shirts listing the names of all 100 children. You can order your own in our new store! [button type=”churchope_button” url=”” target=”” button_color_fon=”#164B30″ ]Visit the store[/button]