Posts by Sacred Selections

Posts by Sacred Selections

Mike and Chelsea

Sacred Selections is a faith-based adoption agency that has been offering financial assistance to individuals looking to open their hearts to children in need of forever families for the last 10 years. Mike and Chelsea share their beautiful adoption story.

Sacred Selections 10 Year Reunion

Sacred Selections had a 10 year reunion over the Memorial Day weekend. This beautiful video depicts the power of God and those who had the faith & courage to brave the rocky waters of adoption and those who donated their time and money to help finance those adoptions! It’s ALL GOD! A special thank you to Craig Dehut for making this beautiful video. Check out his website,


Sacred selections has been Blessed by GOD in helping 100 children land softly in Christian homes! Our most sincere Gratitude to those who were a part of these Dreams & Prayers come true! To celebrate this occasion, we have printed special t-shirts listing the names of all 100 children. You can order your own in our new store! [button type=”churchope_button” url=”” target=”” button_color_fon=”#164B30″ ]Visit the store[/button]

Michael & Heather

We are Michael and Heather and we adopted two beautiful children from Ethiopia in August 2011. We began our journey to adopt a baby girl, but soon fell in love with a picture of a little four year-old boy that had been at the orphanage for a long time. We could not stop thinking about him and tried to figure out how we could afford to adopt both children. We knew there would be extra medical bills and surgery for our little boy when he was…

Brandon & Pam

I feel very blessed that Christians gave us the contact information about Sacred Selections.  We had not heard of the foundation until a preacher asked us if we knew about it when he held a gospel meeting for our congregation during our adoption process for Alex. It has amazed me how it has affected so many people. The connections we have made will be lifelong, and eternal. Of course, the foundation helped us financially with a grant that helped secure…

Jeff & Darleen

We were inspired to be foster parents by the example of fellow Christians.  Within a couple of weeks the stork delivered Isaiah to our doorstep straight from the hospital. It was a love affair from the beginning. Though it seemed like he was always a permanent part of the family his name now reflects it! Thanks to Sacred Selections, without the pressing financial concerns that typically accompany adoption we have been able to focus on serving the fatherless. Since our…

Josh & Amanda

Our journey towards adoption actually began almost ten years ago. From the day we became husband and wife, we have always wanted to raise godly children in a Christian home. Our plan was to have two children naturally and then adopt a child one day from Korea. However, after seven years of marriage and then two years of trying to conceive, we quickly realized what most of us forget, is that our plan is not always God’s plan. After a…

Tim & Janice

The blessings we have received from Sacred Selections are too innumerable to name. Well, actually, I can name them- Gideon, Charlotte, Atticus, Bronwyn and Leo! These five amazing children are now home, in our family where they belong because of the love of God’s people and their generous donations to Sacred Selections. When we started our first international adoption back in 2010, we had precious little time to travel to China and get our son Gideon before he aged out…

Justin & Jennifer

In February 2007 Justin and Jennifer signed up for a foster to adopt program with their local department of social services. After five months of classroom training, interviews, house inspections, and a good deal of paperwork, they were off to a good start! Just seven weeks after becoming homestudy approved, a sister in Christ told them about a private adoption situation. Jennifer emailed the Birth Mother and a match was made within a couple of days! A few weeks later,…

Rob & Amber

Sometimes we think we know what the plan should be, but thanks be to God that He is in control.  We thought the plan was for us to try fertility treatments in order for us to have a baby after it was determined it would be difficult for us to conceive.  After four years and one miscarriage we prayed fervently for God to reveal His plan of how we would start a family.  The door toward adoption opened wide! When…
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