Tim & Janice

Tim & Janice

Tim & JaniceThe blessings we have received from Sacred Selections are too innumerable to name. Well, actually, I can name them- Gideon, Charlotte, Atticus, Bronwyn and Leo! These five amazing children are now home, in our family where they belong because of the love of God’s people and their generous donations to Sacred Selections.

When we started our first international adoption back in 2010, we had precious little time to travel to China and get our son Gideon before he aged out on his 14th birthday. Three and a half months to be exact. We were told by our agency and others that we would never be able to complete an adoption that quickly. But we had faith and knew God had other plans! However it was the funding we were concerned with. Where would we ever get all that money? It turns out God had that one under control too and through the blessing of not one, but two grants from SS we were able to bring our son HOME!

When just a few months later we decided to commit to two children with special needs from Ukraine, Dana made it clear that Sacred Selections would have our back again, even so soon after helping us previously. in May of 2012, Charlotte and Atticus arrived home safely, freed from a life in an orphanage and institution, and into our family!

And yet again, while still in Ukraine for that adoption, we fell in love with two more children, their older age being their only special need this time as they were 13 and 14. Being an orphaned teen in Ukraine means you are getting perilously close to aging out of their system and will soon be put out onto the streets. But we were still in the process of completing one international adoption, were we crazy to be thinking already of starting another? Dana reassured us again that SS would help however they could so that these children wouldn’t have to live their lives lonely and in fear, but rather could know the love of a Mother and Father and learn about their Heavenly Father instead. And just this past December 2012, Bronwyn and Leo became Rowes!

Each and every time we decided to adopt, we knew it was what God desired of us and because of SS, we knew the lack of funds would not hinder us from doing His will. What a blessing that has been to us and such peace of mind it has brought us!

We will forever be grateful to SS and the loving Christians who aided us in bringing our children home. We pray that we will always show them the love of Christ as we strive to raise them to desire in their hearts to give back to others the way that so much has been granted to them.

We now have ten children in total and our home is always bustling with activity and love. We wouldn’t want it any other way! Thank you Sacred Selections for helping us complete our family!