Justin & Jennifer

Justin & Jennifer

Justin & JenniferIn February 2007 Justin and Jennifer signed up for a foster to adopt program with their local department of social services. After five months of classroom training, interviews, house inspections, and a good deal of paperwork, they were off to a good start! Just seven weeks after becoming homestudy approved, a sister in Christ told them about a private adoption situation. Jennifer emailed the Birth Mother and a match was made within a couple of days!

A few weeks later, the Atkins traveled to meet the Birth Mother. She was a delight! This young woman presented the Atkins with ultrasound pictures, a blanket, and a couple of baby toys! Everything was looking great, and both parties were ready to get lawyers involved.

Upon returning home, the Atkins contacted a lawyer to get things rolling! That’s when they first learned about one of the big differences between foster care and private adoptions: thousands of dollars. Justin and Jennifer suddenly found themselves in a difficult situation of trying to figure out how they could come up with such a large sum of money in just four short months? How could they walk away from this Birth Mother and the little boy who they now affectionately referred to as Samuel? That’s when a sister in Christ told Jennifer about Sacred Selections.

Justin called the phone number listed on the Sacred Selections website. A sweet voice answered on the opposite end by the name of Dana Carrozza. After asking several questions about how the money is raised and used, the Atkins applied for a grant. That December Sacred Selections held a special meeting to review Justin and Jennifer’s application since it was around the holiday season. Following the board meeting, Dana phoned the Atkins. Let’s just say that it was a phone call and a Christmas that the Atkins will never forget!

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