Local Groups (Page 2)

Local Groups (Page 2)

Sacred Selections has been blessed with a network of local groups that host fundraisers throughout the year. You can find more information about them on their Facebook pages or blogs.

Are you interested in starting a local group? Please contact Dana Carrozza for more details.

Lexington, KY


Memphis, TN

Sacred Selections works from both ends of the adoption process. We seek out children who are in need of loving families and Christian families who want a child to share their love and blessings with. Sacred Selections’ mission is to help these families with the financial burden of adoption. This is where you come in! Your support and donations will help us fund adoptions for these families! In the first 3 years the Bartlett Benefit raised $47,000 and helped fund…

Northern Alabama


Phoenix, AZ


Pittsburgh, PA


South Carolina


St. Louis, MO

https://www.facebook.com/SSSTL/ Web: http://sacredselectionsstl.com/ E-mail: sacredselectionsstl@gmail.com
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