Brand Guideline

Brand Guideline

If you are an event organizer or other local group affiliated with Sacred Selections, please use the materials on this page when setting up your advertising and other materials.

Also, event organizers, please fill out this form for us so we know how to get in touch with you. Fundraising Event Info Form

Color Scheme

The primary color for Sacred Selections is a light brown. In RGB, it is #A49262.

The complementary color is #232F57.

The logo does not use a pure black: #231F20. If your use case requires a pure black (#000000), please edit the logo and adjust accordingly.


The Sacred Selection logo’s text is written in Adobe Garamond Pro Regular. The letters are written in small caps.


Sacred Selections Logo – Adobe EPS – This file contains the Sacred Selections Logo in Adobe EPS format.

Full Logo

Download Full Logo ZIP File, containing the logo in 5 sizes as PNG images.


Download the Sacred Selections Emblem in a ZIP File, containing 5 sizes as PNG images.

Examples of alterations to the logo